• Manage the system of services your travel business provides.
  • Each type of service has its own business integration differentiated by service type. These services will be the basic unit to deploy the product tour Cost Calculation or a service booking.
Tour Product: As a tour made up of itinerary and estimated cost of the tour, in order to optimize time for Sales and other departments in the business when needing product data/ company tour program. In TravelMaster system, we define the tour product according to two types of organizations as follows:
1. Seat In Coach Tour (S.I.C): Group tour is a type of travel in which many people join a itinerary to share different costs such as transportation, ticket, guides, etc. In group tour, the cost is also reasonable since every fee is shared out among the members. However, in return, you do not have a private space, the schedule restricting, the time to the observation is also limited or even forced into shopping centers when there is no need. In simple terms, the group tour follows a certain schedule and is no flexible change.
2. Private Tour: This type of travel is considered to be the new trend of traveling with the most number of people. Because, the private tour combines the element of freedom of destination and time for each location. Ensuring the safety of members and especially the number of people traveling is optional according to the requirements of each group of friends, family or an individual. This type of presence abroad for a long time is often requested by well-off families, honeymoon couples, and groups of friends.