Term Dictionary

Some of the specialized terms that we show here, will help you define the functions that you will encounter in the process of applying the software to your business reality.

1. S.I.C Tour: Group tour is a type of tour where many people join a tour program to share different costs such as transportation, guides, etc. In a group tour, you will connect and get acquainted. With more members, the cost will also be reasonable because everything is shared out among the members. However, in return, you do not have a private space, the schedule is restricted, the time to the attractions will also be limited or even forced to enter the shopping centers even when there is no need. In simple terms, the group tour follows a certain schedule and there is no flexible change.

2. F.I.T Tour: This type of travel is considered a new trend of traveling with the most number of people. Because, the private tour combines the element of freedom of destination and time for each location. Ensuring the safety of members and especially the number of people traveling is optional according to the requirements of each group of friends, family or an individual. This type has been present abroad for a long time, often requested by well-off families, honeymoon couples, and groups of friends.

3. Quotation: Based on the needs of the customer, the seller makes a complete schedule, calculates the detailed price of the services used and sends it to the customer. Building a quote for a tour requires calculating the Nett price and the selling price, this price calculation is a very important basis to accurately determine the profit that the tourism business achieves.

– Nett Price: The direct costs that the travel company must pay to conduct the tour according to the specific program (if calculated for the whole group of tourists, it is called the total cost of the program to make the trip).

– Selling Price: is made up of components such as: cost, other costs, selling expenses, profit and value-added tax, etc.

4. Operating Tour: This process is done after the tour seller or tour service seller has completed their job. They transfer the booking to the Tour process in order to:

- The operator, or staff responsible for preparing services for the booked tour. This service system will be ordered - paid - notified by the staff in this module to the supplier or the department responsible for the service - their work.

- Complete the task of preparing services, checking the number of guests and completing the preparatory procedures before putting the tour into official operation.