Import/ Export data

One of the first things to do when using the software is to set up and digitize initial data including: Supplier information, service system, customer system...

For businesses just starting out, the data is not much, they can be entered directly on the software in each item. But for large, long-term businesses that already have too much information and data, setting up each category as above will take a lot of time. Understanding this problem, TravelMaster created a feature to import data from excel files. You can pre-set the data from the Excel template provided by TravelMaster, then import it into the software in each respective region.

In this article, we will guide you through the manipulation and most of the notes about the data when using the sample file.

You need to consult and read carefully to avoid difficulties in the data import process when deploying.

I. Import list of Suppliers

Access: Menu > Supplier

Step 1: At Supplier Type need to add. Click in the right corner of the screen and select Import

Step 2: Click to download sample files from the system

Step 3: Enter the data to be imported according to the downloaded template file. Some of the required data includes:

  • Supplier Name
  • Email
  • Phone Number
  • Country
  • City

Note: Some data in the form of selection needs to be taken from the list, do not import other data because it does not exist on the system, leading to import errors (whole files or data lines)

Step 4: Click Select File to Upload to display the browser's dialog box. Find and select the Imported Supplier Information List file.

*Allows overwriting existing data: If you check the box here, the system will overwrite the duplicate data between the system and the file you are importing. Unduplicated data continues to be uploaded as a new record. This should be noted to be sure before use.

Step 5: Click to finish.

II. Enter Service Price List:

- Step 1: Select the Room Rates Tab, then click

- Step 2: Click to download sample files from the system

- Step 3: Enter data into the file and return to the interface at Step 2, click Choose file.... to select the imported file

- Step 4: Click to finish.

Note the data format:

  • With the Import operation, it is compulsory to download the sample file from the software to use it.
  • The sample file downloaded after input needs to be saved as: .xls or .xlsx
  • The file name should be written immediately, without accents and without special characters such as: -, . / ....
  • Date data in dd/mm/yyyy format to be entered is 01/02/2017 instead of 1/2/2017
  • Email data, you need to enter exactly as
  • Price data needs to be entered in the form of 5000000 VND

III. Format conversion operations

To successfully import data on the sample file, it needs to be in TEXT format before uploading to the system.

Here, VietISO guides you to convert formats on Excel files

a. Click on the triangle in the left corner between Column A, Line 1, to black out the whole screen

b. Right-click on the screen, select Format Cell function as shown below

c. At the Number tab, please select Text (1) and press OK (2) as shown below

Good luck!

Update: 01/2023

Usage & Procedure