Access: Menu TaCRM > Partners


+ Add new Agency: To add a new Agency, click to display the popup, and enter the contents according to the required data fields. Then click to save the content just entered.

+ Edit Agency: To edit a certain Agent, click Edit to the right of the Agent to be edited or click on the Agent name. The system displays detailed information of the Agent. At the Overview tab, click to start editing the information about that Agent. After editing, click to finish.

+ Delete Agency: To delete an Agent, right click on Agent to be deleted and then select Delete to open the popup and confirm again by selecting OK to completely remove the Agent from the system. If you do not want to delete, click Cancel.

+ Search Agency:

Here you can search for Agents under different conditions:

  • Creator
  • Classify
  • Support By: Person in charge
  • Country/ Province/ City

** Refer to how to edit and delete Agent information here

1. Overview:

In this area we can edit previously entered customer information by clicking next to the information field to correct, enter new data and click to save.

2. Contacts:

Information about who can be contacted directly. Some important fields need to enter full information:

  • Name
  • Position
  • Department
  • Phone Number
  • Email

    3. Booking:

    Statistics of Services that This Agent has booked.

    4. Bank Account:

    Information about banks that Agents register for payment

    Information to note in the Bank Account Tab:

    • Account Number
    • Account Name
    • Bank Name
    • Branch
    • Swift code

    5. Công việc:

    Information about internal assignments related to Agents

    Fields to note in the Tab Tasks:

    • Task name: Title of the task
    • Start day/ Finish day: Time to do the task
    • Operated by: The person assigned to do the task
    • Task: Job Type
    • Priority: Classify the priority for work
    • Description/ Note: Details of job content
    • Attachments: Documents, images, work-related attachments

    6. Follow-Ups:


    • Add: Click to add new Follow-ups. Fill in the required information and then click to save.
    • Sort/ Search: Here, you can use filters to search for Follow-ups according to your needs: Search by keyword, by Type of Follow-ups or by date range by entering search terms and clicking for the system to display a list of appropriate Follow-ups.

    • Edit/ Delete Follow-ups: On the list you click at then choose Edit or Delete. View details of Follow-ups here

    7. File:

    Store data files used for customers such as contracts, scan quotes, scan passports...

    8. Notes:

    Display a list of Notes about the content worked with the guest or other personal information that needs attention.

    9. Emails:

    Statistics of emails sent to customers directly on the system.

    You can also manipulate sending emails to customers at this tab as follows:

    • Add new email: Click to Compose mail

    - From: Select the email address to send, there will be 2 options: Default email of the system and email of the account that is accessing the software

    - To: Customer's email address

    - Email Template: Select email templates available from the system. Managed email templates here. If you don't want to use the template from the system, you can skip this field

    - Title: Enter subject here

    - Content: Enter email content

    Click to send emails to customers.

    10. Prepaid Management:

    Manage the amount of money that the customer has overpaid, the money that the business has not returned to the customer, used to deduct payments for the following Bookings/services.

    Click to top up the prepayments for the Customer. Including:

    - Description: Explain the source of money

    - Amount: Specific amount

    - Currency: Select the appropriate currency

    • Click to Edit the deposit information.

    • Click to Delete the deposit.

    • Amounts in parentheses () are amounts for services that have been paid for by Credit on Eligible Credit.

    • The Balance is calculated according to the formula Balance = Total Credit Deposit - Total Credit Payment. If the balance is put in parentheses, it means that the deposit amount is negative and customers need to top up to deduct the debt and can continue to use the service for the next Bookings.

    • The Detail displays details of remaining amount in each currency, and Detail is only displayed when 2 or more currencies are loaded/paid into Prepaid Management.