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1. In case the company's data fails to open the data file (for any reason), can it be restored? How?

Answer: The Travel Master system is located in a 3-Tier standard data center and is backed up on a daily basis. Therefore, in the event that a customer experiences data loss for any reason, VIETISO can help restore data from the previous day's backup.

2. When the customer enters data, in the process of data being transmitted from the customer's computer to the server of VIETISO, can information be leaked?


First: Travel Master is a solution system that applies cloud computing technology, so this system is required to use the HTTPs protocol, use SSL technology to encrypt data on the transmission to ensure that customer's data is transmitted to VIETISO's Server securely to avoid virus-hackers.

Second: The HTTPs protocol is also the protocol that sites require data security on the transmission line in e-commerce transactions, banking transactions... selected as the default protocol instead of HTTP, which only transmits unencrypted data.

3. Currently, is the data center of VIETISO self-invested or just cooperating with another partner? Is the server system of VIETISO modern or not?


First: VIETISO's data center is located in the data center of Viettel VDC with 3-Tier standards (including a fire prevention system, 24/24 electricity, backup servers).

Second: VIETISO has invested heavily in server systems of IBM and Dell to ensure the requirements of fast, strong and very safe processing speed.

4. In the process of using, my staff forgot the password to log in to the system, is there any way to help recover the password?

Answer: When forgetting the password, customers follow the instructions as follows:

Enter your username in the box "Username" and select the Forgot Password function on the login screen, the system will automatically provide a new password and return the email to the customer.

Customers open the email used when registering Travel Master products, click on the link to reactivate the account.

5. My company only allows employees to log into the system to work while at work because I worry if employees can log into the system at home, or in public places, it will reveal important company information. So does Travel Master have a mode that only allows login from the company's computer?


First: Travel Master completely meets the requirement to only allow login from the company's machine.

Second: Customers go to System Setup/Advanced Security and implement the limit by IP address.

However, when setting up this access, your company's employees will be limited by the following:

1. Travel Master can only be accessed from the declared IP address, usually the company IP

2. When going out, the data of Travel Master cannot be retrieved

3. Cannot use mobile applications of Travel Master

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