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When you update to the latest iOS version, your data and settings remain unchanged.

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I. New Features

- Add supplier type Voucher

- Display Activation date and software renewal date according to License of each customer

- Add override function when importing group list file in booking

- Choose to combine tour Module support for Building quotation of tour program on request

- Enterprises track Revenue/Expense by each bank account on the system

- Tour classification function in Tour Product/Quote/Booking

- Allow to Browse payment request, confirm payment of many vouchers in 1 operation

II. Optimal

- Synchronize the required data fields between the import file and the software

- Change the method Manage Stay Rate According to Weekday Rates, Weekend Rates

- Customization on demand: Hide NCC information in QR code Service Operations area

- Allow fixing retail service price when changing/adding services in Operations

- Allows Preview of the sample tour program and the price calculation table to apply adjustments in the quotation

- Add search criteria by Status for Tours and Services out in Service Operator area

- Change the condition of status display in the Operating Tour, applicable according to the conditions of the date of service use

- Add notification when users are assigned work on the system

- Users of the accounting department are given full authority in the revenue report

- Added the Passport Term field in the tour group list

III. Bug Fix

- Handling the error of adding a new booking when customers do not have email information

- Display the name of the assignor in the internal assignment email template

- Adjust the display from Total child nett to nett/child in booking

- Change the way system email settings according to the new google update policy