Installation Requirements

TravelMaster software is an online travel agency's Management, Operations, Sales and Administration System accessible anytime, anywhere.

Most current web servers with PHP & MySQL, NoSQL installed are capable of running TravelMaster

If you want to experience before buying, please sign up for trial according to the instructions of the system

Environment required:

  • Linux/Centos/Ubuntu * Latest
  • PHP Version 7.4.x - 8.x or Latesst
    • Curl Support (with SSL)
    • GD2 Image Library
    • JSON Enabled
    • PHP Memory Limit: 2GB (recomment: 4GB Ram)
    • PHP Database Extension: PDO
    • XML
    • short_open_tag = on (cat /usr/local/lib/php.ini)
  • MySQL Version 5.7.x and above
    • With MySQL Strict Mode disabled
  • Ioncube Loaders V11.0.2 or later
  • Node v16.16.0 (LTS)
  • Ubuntu or Centos Openssl Decrypt

Installation Instructions

  1. Access
  2. Click Download in the Product/ Service in your account to see detail the software you subscribe to

Install Ioncube

TravelMaster is encrypted by Ioncube to protect the source code. Most of the host/webhosting now have Ioncube which supports PHP build compilation by default, so you usually don't need to do anything more. However, if you need to install Ioncube on the server, you can check out our Ioncube Installation Guide.

Install TravelMaster

  1. Unzip the installation file and upload it to your webhosting, VPS, server
  2. Rename the file config.php.txt to config.php and CHMOD 777 Writeable
  3. Upload all the code in the unzipped folder to your webhosting, VPS, Server into the folder public_html or private_html.
  4. Run the domain name in use that you point to the IP hosting on
  5. Follow the installation steps on the required screen.
  6. After the installation steps are complete, please set CHMOD file config.php back to 644.

Requirements after installation /config.php CHMOD 644 Readable /tmp CHMOD 777 Writeable

If you encounter any difficulties during registration or use, please contact us for timely support during use.