Sell Service

Bán dịch vụ/Yêu cầu dịch vụ

Every time a user purchases something from you, this creates a "Service Voucher - Booking" record. The Service Voucher form stores the details related to the Service, promotional codes, including unique Booking number, service purchase representative, group list, payment process.

The system does not create a new booking for each payment of the previous booking, as such payments are not related to the service within the booking or the Operation's process. The system will make payments according to the provisions of the previous service booking.

Bookings are always in a waiting state until confirmed and transferred to the operator, although the services inside the booking are always available and automatic when the operator processes in the next operating process. (if you have already confirmed the booking). This module allows the merchant to manage and process all the new Bookings on the booking list that you receive and perform any manual operations or checks that you deem necessary for the booking.

The system assigns two unique numbers to each booking. First, the ID Number is an internal reference that the system uses. Your first booking will be ID 1, the second will be ID 2, and so on. The system also assigns each booking 01 identifier in the form of B-01, B-02... This is the number recorded on the Service Order Form that your customers will receive and use during the service use.