The directory system is a function formed on the available settings in the system, to provide data for the other Modules such as: Type, Classification, Status... The directory Module is a data form of root data is configured by the system default. Administrators should not operate in this module when it is really not necessary.

  • Services: Manage the service system that your travel agencies provide. For each type of service, it is integrated with its own business and classified specifically. These services are the basic unit of price (nett rate) to calculate the value of Tour products or Services sold for bookings built by the sales team.
  • Status: Performance states including: booking, request, operating in the whole system.
  • Contracts: Manage and operate the portfolio of business contracts. Each contract manages details of internal items such as Party A, Party B, accompanying products, notes, income and expenditure reports, etc.
  • Custom Lists: Category manages custom lists such as: Currency, Payment Type, Bank etc.
  • Customers: Category system and customer management. Customers can be divided into many categories, many fields, with different revenue/ budget or staff size.
  • Suppliers: Management directory that ranks the supplier code.
  • Partners: Manage and update the list of partners that will be used in the system
  • Tourist destination: Manage and update the list of tourist attractions that will be used in the system
  • Geographical location: Manage and update the list of Geographical location to be used in the system